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a house - for the price of a car

studio apartment

live an affordable life - live free
discover our 'smart designs' and slash your mortgage

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21st century architecture

Architecture for the design aware buyer.
A living environment that inspires a
state of well being and optimism.

10 star rating

Subject to owners site and home orientation.

10 star rating

Subject to owners site and home orientation.

live an affordable life

Innovative design and premium components

at affordable prices.
Retire early - or now.  Enjoy more me time.

live an affordable life - live free

Architecture for 'design aware' home buyers. Our ‘Towable Studio Apartments’ feature 'smart design concepts' that include a multi-function room, borrowed internal and external space and rationalisation of unused and nonessential space, to minimise the size of the home without compromising livability.

Detailed design strategies provide comprehensive cupboard space.

The use of vertical space, natural light and the inclusion of outdoor spaces into the living areas, creates an environment that inspires a state of well being and optimism. The use of pavilion floor plans in our multi- bedroom designs ensures social privacy. Our ‘Towable Studio Apartments’ smart design concepts address the issues of affordability and sustainability.


The NatHERS industry minimum energy rating is 6 stars. However NatHERS says this provides good, but not outstanding, thermal performance.

Our ‘Towable Studio Apartments’ have a 10 star NatHERS rating and it's occupants will use very little artificial cooling or heating. Energy Smart Floor Plan  - Solar Orientation - Strategic Glazing and Shading - Insulation - Ventilation.  These are the key energy saving design features incorporated into every ‘Towable Studio Apartment’ design.

Smart 'green' design reduces the tremendous impacts that buildings have on the environment and enables us to live in a way that is responsible and sustainable in the long term.


Our ‘Towable Studio Apartments’ feature innovative design and premium components, at affordable prices.

Our 'smart design concepts reduce the cost of your home which in turn reduces your borrowings.

A smaller house saves money by reducing heating, cooling and lighting needs, minimising maintenance costs, and reducing floor and wall area and therefore the need for money consuming furnishing.

With the money you save by buying and living in a ‘Towable Studio Apartment’, you can retire early - or now. Go part-time. Enjoy more 'me' time.
Live an affordable life. Live free.


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